Don”t Be A Bully !

Watch what you say!


You say , “I don’t like you!”

I say, “I don’t care, but you can’t see my heart is breaking.”

You say, “I don’t like you, I say I don’t care—–but you’re the one who doesn’t care.

Watch your words, because words hurt and they may be forgiven, but NEVER forgotten.

Even if you say, “Oh, I didn’t mean it, well it meant something to me.”

Your words, “I don’t like you, means: you’re dumb, you’re stupid, you’re not worth anything; who cares, why was I ever born, you’re ugly, you won’t amount to anything.”

The world is out there, but my world is me—–in my heart, and your words just broke my Spirit—–who am I—–my worth?

I can choose to forget it or let it fester and keep on festering until one day I am invisible and the me, I was created to be—–Dies.

A poem from childhood says:…

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