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bullies_kidsSchools are children’s second homes. It’s a place where students are nurtured while the faculty keep it a safe and fun environment to be in. Or is it?

What does a 15-year-old in Connecticut who shot himself, an 11-year-old who strangled himself, and a college student who went on a killing spree in Virginia have in common? They were victims of bullying.

In all parts of the globe, somewhere right now, a child is being bullied. They may be children whose faces are being shoved on the toilet seat or they may be the subject of nasty rumors and gossip. School is supposed to be a fun place. It should be the last place where kids should be afraid of. How come it turns out to be the opposite? It’s an issue that until now, schools have problems dealing with. It’s an issue that may stay until the next 100…

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